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HeadSmart was born out of the vision of helping students reach their full potential through holistic learning. Sounds familiar? Most Playschools in Bangalore, or India for that matter, speak about holistic education as part of their curriculum. However, most of these centres fall short of the ideal. When we say "Holistic Education" we are talking about an end to end approach combining local and international curriculum amalgamation, the use of technology as well as traditional teaching methods in the classroom, discovery of your child's inherent skills or talents, and personal attention to each and every kid. In other words, our play school has everything your child needs to begin his or her life. And, we cannot be compared to any other local or international play school in Bangalore or in India. We, indeed, are one of the best play schools in your city! 

We would like you to visit our campus to see what awaits your child!
About HeadSmart Preschool Bangalore

- To instill relevant values & skills for holistic development of your child.
- To make children ready for the future.
- To help children express themselves freely, verbally and non-verbally.
To provide each child the personal attention that they need to develop well.
HeadSmart can help your child develop well through dedicated hand-holding and intelligent approaches.

- To foster a learning environment that provides a healthy balance between child-directed and teacher-guided activities and time for children to work individually.
- To foster learning outside the classroom through physical activities, exploration and guided discovery.
- To creatively introduce technology-based activities that will help expand the children’s sphere of experience and knowledge.
- To provide a rich cultural foundation to nurture children to become future leaders of the country.

- Focus: To provide a stimulating environment and an educational experience that promotes each child’s overall development.
- Excellence: To serve as a role model of child care for the community at large.
- Care: To provide a home-like environment where children are encouraged to develop at their own pace.
- Proficiency: To meet the special and individual needs of infants, toddlers and older children in a safe and nurturing environment.

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Our Philosophy

The Quality of International Playschools
with Indian Etiquette

We believe that a stable, safe, healthy, comfortable and culturally-relevant environment is crucial to your child’s growth. Therefore, we do the following to ensure your child grows into a future masterpiece!

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Our Founders & Staff

• Professional, Experienced, Smart •

Our Staff has had the experience of teaching and school management for the last 10 years. HeadSmart is that one playschool you can trust to have a good mix of experience, professionalism, and intelligence. Our teachers act as guides and facilitators, carefully planning the environment and helping your children explore and play in productive, meaningful ways. They incorporate our benchmarks into all play areas, daily routines, and teacher-led activities.

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Child Safety

• We Can Be Trusted •

In addition to our excellent curriculum and a large area for play, HeadSmart has professional staff with several years of experience that will help your child blossom during his or her formative years. We also are big on safety at our playschool. Security cameras installed throughout the premises and vigilant staff (all female) will ensure that your child spends their mornings in a safe environment.










If you aren't convinced that HeadSmart is the best playschool you can send your child to in or around Marathahalli, Bangalore, then we have done a very poor job at communicating the quality of education your child will receive here. Do get in touch with us to learn more about sending your child to HeadSmart.

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