ESafety for Today's Children

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The Internet is a wonderful and amazing place with lots of information available from all over the world but, can also pose a risk to the safety of our children if not used correctly. Sensitive and inappropriate information can be sent right into our homes along with everything else. By taking responsibility for your children’s online computer use, parents can greatly minimize any potential risks of being online and safeguard their child's safety. You as a parent are responsible for your children's safety, not only when they are out playing in a park but also when they are surfing the web. Here are a few steps that you can take to protect your child from the dangers of the Internet.

What you can do as a responsible parent

1Educate your child about internet safety and tell them about the dangers of wrongly using the internet. Create reasonable rules for using any digital device, whether it's the computer, iPad, or even a mobile phone. Without rules, these devices can become a vice in the hands of young children.

2Manage your child's time on the internet. Giving them a fixed time on the computer will ensure that they won't wander into viewing inappropriate content. Let your child know that it's okay to speak to you if anyone or anything over the internet makes them feel uncomfortable. Also, keep a track of your child's use of social website like Facebook. Ensure that you set your child's privacy settings and check them from time to time.

3Cordon off the extent of access your child has over the internet. Install an internet security software like K9 (link on the top of this page), and keep a watch on the sites your child is visiting. Note that your child might know more than you do about the internet. Therefore, using a security software might be better than checking the "History" on your browser.

4Plan how and where your child can use the internet. Keep the computer in a place that isn't secluded so that your child may not be tempted to view inappropriate content. Also, make clear rules about the use of iPads and phones around the home. Set a time limit of their usage of all digital devices that use the internet.

5Remind your child about internet safety and tell them about the dangers of wrongly using the internet. Teach them about privacy and caution them about people and websites on the internet that can destroy their lives.

Better Safe Than Sorry

By being vigilant and setting basic rules you can minimize your children's risk of using the internet. We have already witnessed the damaging effects of the unrestrained use of the internet in just the last 2 decades. As technology continues to make the internet more accessible, we parents must become more vigilant to protect our children from danger.